Rhode's Genius Lip Gloss Phone Case Is Finally Here

Who needs a purse when you have this?

Hailey Bieber with Rhode lip gloss phone case
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Over the last three weeks, social media sleuths, Hailey Bieber fans, and Rhode Skin devotees have been chattering nonstop about Rhode's new phone case, as seen all over Bieber's social media. Co-starring in several of the brand founder's recent Instagram posts, it's a solid, pastel-colored case with one unique feature: its soft silicone is molded to perfectly fit a Rhode lip gloss.

After weeks of teasing the low-key genius tech accessory, the Rhode phone case goes on sale tomorrow, February 27, on Rhode's website. There's already a waitlist for obvious reasons: It's a godsend for makeup lovers (including me) who can't go anywhere without their favorite lip product. With this case, digging around in a big bag for a tiny lip gloss is a distant memory. So is altogether forgetting a lippie on the way out of the house. And, in true Hailey Bieber form, it's the sort of update that demands a photo op.

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The Rhode phone case fits either Rhode's Peptide Lip Treatment or its Peptide Lip Tint, two lip glosses popular for their ability to simultaneously moisturize and enhance lips' appearance. While the treatment is more focused on moisture and supporting long-term lip health, the lip tint comes in a number of different colors, from brown to pink, each of which lends lips a high-shine, subtly pigmented glow. (Also, they coordinate nicely with the phone case's pastel shade.)

You can buy the makeup-friendly phone case for the iPhone 14 or 15, including for the Pro Max. The silky smooth, convenient accessory can be bought alongside a lip tint or treatment for an additional $16 —or on its own, for those who already have their favorite Rhode lip products ready to be stowed in their new, sleek, on-the-go home.

For the full Bieber effect, shop more of Rhode's best-selling skincare products below.

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