Did Hailey Bieber Tease a New Rhode Launch at the Super Bowl?

If our predictions are correct, our selfies are about to be so much better.

Hailey Bieber poses with a wall full of Rhode products.
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Hailey Bieber's ability to tease a hotly anticipated launch can almost rival Beyoncé's. Just last week, the 27-year-old slyly mentioned the potential for hair, body, and fragrance launches at Rhode (the same week Bey announced a haircare line, by the way). Now, she's teasing yet another new product. It's not an album, but it's also not what you might think.

While attending the Super Bowl, Bieber was caught on Rhode's Instagram Story casually touching up her beloved Peptide Lip Tint (potentially in the shade "Toast.") At the beginning of the clip, she redoes her lipliner in a small compact mirror. Then, she applies the gloss, eventually tucking the product into a Rhode-branded phone case perfectly molded to hold her brand's iconic tube.

Hailey Bieber tucks her Peptide Lip Tint into her phone case at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Hailey Bieber tucks her Peptide Lip Tint into her phone case at the 2024 Super Bowl.

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The model has been teasing the phone case for quite some time. Colored Rhode gray, the sleek accessory has been featured heavily in Bieber's social media posts, where she makes sure to take mirror selfies that give the protective outfitting its rightful moment in the spotlight.

"This phone case!!! I need," wrote Bieber's nail artist, Zola Ganzorigt, on the first selfie Bieber posted with the case. "Phone case with a lip tint holder. she’s really a trendsetter!!!!" added a fan, while another simply wrote "We NEED the phone case."

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The good news? Bieber doesn't have plans to gatekeep the accessory forever. Besides sending a copy to Kylie Jenner, the Rhode team has been teasing an official launch of the case. In their Super Bowl Sunday Instagram Story, they added a hyperlink to their waitlist alongside side-eye, phone, ribbon, and glitter emojis.

"Something new is arriving. Join the waitlist to be the first to know," reads the brand's "Coming Soon" page when you click the link. While I'm guessing its the accessory the brand is talking about, you never know what Bieber has up her sleeve as far as new product launches. A new Peptide Lip Tint color? More skincare? That's why her phone case is so big—its full of lip gloss and secrets.

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