Sexy But Miraculously Low-Maintenance Beauty Looks for Valentine's Day

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Sexy But Miraculously Low-Maintenance Beauty Looks for Valentine's Day
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Whether you've been with your significant other for 10 years or 10 weeks, on Valentine's Day you want to feel sexy. The runways might like an unlikely source for on-the-fly beauty inspiration, but the spring/summer 2020 catwalks yielded plenty of pretty looks that you can achieve from the comfort of your bathroom. Here, we've narrowed down wearable, easy-to-nail hairstyles and makeup techniques that'll elicit all the hot love and emotion your heart desires. (For step-by-step makeup tutorials, we've got everything you need here.)

1. Accent Braids

Embrace your natural texture but change things up with a few tiny braids that frame the face or stick out from the nape. If you want to go sans elastic, spray your strands with dry shampoo and they'll stay put on their own.

2. Hair Barettes

If you don't want to go near a hot tool, but still want a standout 'do, simply opt for a gilded hair barrette. You can use it to sweep your hair out of your face with a side part or pin back a half-up, half-down look.

3. Wine Lips

Red wine and Valentine's Day are a match made in heaven. So if you plan on kissing, but still want to rock a statement lip, go for a shade that'll match the wine you guys are sipping. Remember: a warm burgundy shade will also cover up those wine-stained lips.

4. A Touch of Glitter

The more glitter, the more complications. For a touch of sparkle, use a glitter-speckled liquid liner in the color of your choosing for subtle slashes along the upper lash line, or keep the glitter concentrated on the inner corners of your eyes like Gigi Hadid.

5. Ribbon Ponytail

It doesn't get more low maintenance than a messy ponytail, but a sumptuous ribbon tied a in a simple bow will add a nuanced touch. This is an easy-yet-elegant look, and who knows—the bow could be the new bra clasp at the end of the night. (Wink, wink.)

6. Undone French Braids

Okay, so you do have to be braid literate to nail this look. But if you can weave like the best of 'em, take advantage with wispy, worry-free Dutch plaits. What makes them so great is that by ending the braid at the nape and letting the rest of the strands lay loose, they're much more hospitable to a romp in the sheets.

7. Bronze Lids

A quick sweep of a reddish-orange shade has been seen on many runways. We love this look not only because it evokes the sultry '70s, but because the burnt hue is universally flattering for all eye colors. For a custom shade of bronze, Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette is our go-to.

8. Vinyl Red Lips

Okay, so this is definitely requires the most maintenance of any look on this list. But because it really is so easy to achieve and yields smokeshow results, it's worth making an exception. There's a way to create super-pigmented red lips that are practically kiss-proof by applying a matching gloss for a high-shine effect. It may require a few touch-ups through the night, but you'd be surprised how well the right lipstick formula holds up. (Word up to Lorac's Lip Luxe 8 Hour Lip Color.)

9. Half-Up Twist

Far more romantic than a half bun, try two effortless twists that meet in the middle for a soft, carefree look. Plus, when you take 'em out, your front pieces will have great texture.

10. Feral Brows

Don't be afraid to rock a dewy, post-sex glow with a"feral brow" that's thick and decidedly untamed. To get the look, use a tinted brow pomade (we live for Glossier's Boy Brow) to brush the brows upwards.


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