The 3 Most Universally Flattering Makeup Looks You Need to Try Now

Undertones, shmundertones.

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When it comes to eye-lip-and-cheek combos, the limit does not exist. And once you get into the nitty-gritty of things like undertones, forget about it. 

So in the interest of getting it right every time, we collaborated with makeup artist Rommy Najor on three, drop-dead gorgeous makeup looks that flatter every complexion, face shape, and beyond. 

1) Spiky Lashes, Dewy Cheeks, and a Deep Berry Lip

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Who doesn't love bold, non-falsies fringe? You can even rock it with a bold lip

Eyes: "Be patient with these lashes, as with each coat of mascara you want to wait a minute so that they're semi-dry before going in for another coat," says Najor. "Otherwise it's harder to build on them when they're too wet."

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(Image credit: Who doesn't love bold, non-falsies fringe? You can even rock it with a bold lip Eyes: "Be patient with these lashes, as with each coat of mascara you want to wait a minute so that they're semi-dry before going in for another coat," says Najor. "Otherwise it's harder to build on them when they're too wet.")

For a spikier look, face your mascara wand vertically and rock your brush back and forth. To channel the mod look, pinch the lashes together in sections with your fingertips. 

"If your lashes have a harder time holding curl, apply a waterproof formula as your first coat immediately after you curl them to lock it into place," he adds.

Cheeks: Because the eyes and lips are pronounced, it's best to keep things natural-looking on the skin. For subtle and fresh definition in the cheeks, dab some cream highlighter (like MAC Strobe Cream Color Base, $22; (opens in new tab))  along the tops of the cheekbones.

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Lips:  "Since it's just a lash statement on the eyes, you can still turn heads with a stronger lip, as natural skin and cheeks give it balance," explains Najor. A blue-toned berry lip will read differently on certain skin tones, but be flattering and striking on all nonetheless. 


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Try: Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipstick in Rose Blossom, $27; (opens in new tab).

2) Cat Eyes, Nude Lips, and a Taupe Contour

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"This is a sultry, cat-eye focused look that's rounded out by neutral cheeks/lips that complements the eye statement," explains Najor.

Eyes: For your feline flick, make is so that the wing is like an extension of the bottom corner of your eye, then extend it towards the end of your brow. This angle complements every eye shape.

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Cheeks: "Taupe is a shade that mimics the natural shading in the contours of the cheek," he says. Let your brush hug just under the cheekbone and then, starting close to the ear, swipe forward and lift your brush off the face, stopping once you get to midsection of the cheek i.e. where it aligns with the outer corner of the eye.

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Try LORAC Color Source Buildable Blush in Cinematic, $22; (opens in new tab).

Lips: For the perfect nude lip every time, simply swipe a drop of your foundation across your pout.

nude lips

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3) Bronze Smoky Eye, Pink Cheeks, and Taupe Lips

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Bronze lids (as seen on the runways at Adam Selman, Michael Kors, and Derek Lam) are one of the biggest trends project for 2016. The burnt orange hue intensifies every eye color, says Najor.

Eyes: Apply on the top and bottom lids, blending the darkest and most saturated amount of the shade closest to the lash line for a mistake-proof smoky eye.

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We love MAC Eye Shadow in Paradisco, $16; (opens in new tab).

Cheeks: "A pink cheek works well on everyone since it mimics a youthful natural flush cheek," he explains. For a sweet, youthful look, apply it on the apples of the cheek. For a more sculpted, flushed look, try applying it close to the center of the cheekbone.

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Lips: Another great neutral lip option, pout and tap on the product with your fingertip for a softer finish rather than applying directly from the tube.


(Image credit: Brayden Olson)

Makeup: Rommy Najor, Models: Li at Ford Models, Emoni at Click, Alise at Click, Hair: David Colvin, Photo: Brayden Olson

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