Glossier's New Boy Brow Pomade Will Transform Your Arches

We're already obsessed.

After blessing our thirsty complexions with priming moisturizer and cosmic face masks alike, Glossier has finally broken ground in the all-important brow category. While it's become a saturated market over the past few years thanks to the Cara Delevingne effect (we see you, D), I had yet to come across that can't-live-without-it holy grail product. But leave it to Glossier to strike the balance in a product I've been determined to find—one that amps up brows (a tall order of color, texture, thickening, and dimension), while still maintaining a born-with-it guise. 

Boy Brow, a creamy tinted wax, was inspired by old-fashioned hair pomade, which is a moisture-rich, long-lasting styling product that makes hair look slicker and a smidge darker. Coming in three colors—blond, brown, and black—its sheer pigment provides a similar "oomph" of color, while adding runway-worthy shape and texture that doesn't feel too stiff thanks to its ultra-tiny tapered brush. 

Material property, Stationery,

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What's more is that the magical elixir has key ingredients, like oleic acid and atelocollagen, which nourish and strengthen hair fibers—so it's also like a leave-in conditioner for your arches. 

TBH, from the moment my mini tube of Boy Brow landed on my desk till now, I haven't let it out of my sight. With a few quick swipes daily, I have perpetual '70s-inspired feathered brows, which miraculously makes me feel put together even when I'm not wearing a lick of makeup. 

To give your brows a borrowed-from-the-boys-inspired remix—whether you're a Jude Law, Zac Efron, or Drake brows kind of gal—head to and pre-order the stuff for an every-last-penny's-worth-it $16 using the password ohboy.

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