Spring Upgrade: Three Office Makeovers You Have to See

It's time to get your workspace to work for you. And be, like, pretty?

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Having a dedicated workspace is step one to making your whole life easier, but did you know your setup could actually be hurting you? More than 90% of adults experience digital eyestrain caused by long hours in front of a computer, smartphone, or tablet, so to combat the problem, LensCrafters has partnered with designer Matthew Cane for Homepolish to give "eye-gonomic" makeovers to three women who spend countless hours hooked into technology. You know, like you.

Take a look at the makeovers as we get the scoop from LensCrafters clinical director Dr. Mark Jacquot to make sure your situation is up to snuff.

TV personality and style guru

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"When I'm not in the studio, I work from home, with one work station for myself and one for my assistant. We have dozens of magazines and books that we use as inspiration for our segments. We also use the space to lay out photos for producers, so lighting is very important, and the ability to move furniture to create open space is very important too."

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"Now there's a gallery wall, so there are different focal points throughout the room—it's total eye candy and every time I walk in I discover a new detail!"

Founder and CEO of the
Lulu Dating App

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"Lulu's offices are right off Madison Square Park in an airy space with views of the Empire State Building. My office was bright but that came at a big cost—I was constantly squinting at my screen and there was glare from the huge, uncovered windows. My office also lacked the pops of color that makes the Lulu brand so fun and playful."

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"I love the pops of color throughout the office—from a rug in my small sitting area to a framed watercolor next to one of the windows. Now the space is colorful but still feels like an office. We also moved the computer and added a desk lamp, which helped to minimize glare."

Nutrition and mindfulness expert

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"I don't have a dedicated office, but instead I have a workspace in my bedroom. And before this project I didn't even have a desk! The nature of my job is very fluid—I alternate between creative days and client days, so working from home works for me."

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"Having three dedicated areas in one room—a desk for work, a meditation nook, and a bed for relaxation—is a true luxury. I love being in my space so I get more work done, feel more relaxed and at ease when I do get home from a day of meetings or a business trip and generally just look forward to being here!"

Look *away* from the computer screen

"The biggest mistake is logging too many hours without taking breaks. This strains the muscles in the eye and is the fastest route to irritation. We suggest the 20/20/20 Rule: Every 20 minutes, look away from your screen 20 feet ahead for 20 seconds. In your home office, create areas of interest away from your monitor by hanging paintings, putting together an accent wall or hanging a personal mantra."

Drink coffee (yes really)

"A main ingredient in raw coffee—chlorogenic acid, or CLA—may protect against deteriorating eyesight and possible blindness from retinal degeneration due to glaucoma, aging or diabetes. One cup a day as a part of healthy diet can help maintain healthy vision."

Suck it up and get an eye exam

"The main component of healthy vision is an annual comprehensive eye exam during which a doctor is able to evaluate the overall health of the eye and help explain how it impacts the overall health of your body. This year LensCrafters is introducing AccuExam®, which has the potential to reduce the number of prescription comparisons for most patients, reducing the amount of guesswork that's often required by the patient during an eye exam. It enables doctors to visually explain eye conditions, treatment options and solutions so you leave with a clear understanding of your diagnosis and health risks."

Be strategic with color

"Introduce greens and blues, the most calming colors, through anything from paint to plants, like we did in Cassandra's room. Avoid sharp contrasts and reflective surfaces in the office—they are hard on the eyes and promote glare. Paint a wall behind a computer screen with matte neutral paint that can reduce glare. For Lilliana's home office, we chose an elegant shade called Dior Grey that is soft on the eyes and absorbs the reflections."

Don't sit too close to the screen

"Depending on whether you use a desktop or a laptop, and the size of the screen, distance may vary. The comfortable distance is usually 18" to 24" away from the screen. You can also try the "one arm distance" rule: sit back in your chair and raise your arm - your fingers should touch the screen. The monitor should be slightly lower than eye level, with the top of the monitor lined up with your eyes if you were to look straight ahead. Make sure that your neck in not strained, your shoulders are relaxed and your eyes don't squint."

Lamps are your friend

"A table lamp is true eye candy. Its soft directed light provides relief from harsh artificial daylight and reduces glare on a laptop screen. A table lamp can also be a great accessory for your desk."

Switch from contacts to glasses

"The drying effect from staring at your screen can be especially uncomfortable for those who wear contacts. Use rewetting drops throughout the day to keep your eyes from drying out, or swap your contacts for glasses to give your eyes (specifically your corneas) a rest. At LensCrafters, you can get lenses with anti-glare coating that will neutralize the glare from the screen and different light sources in the office."

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