Gussy Up Your Desk with These 20 Cute Office Accessories

Guaranteed to make Mondays feel less soul-crushing.

Office Supplies
(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

If your desk decorations mostly consist of the remnants of your sad desk salad plus or minus the crumpled receipts you're saving for your next expense report, maybe it's high time you feng shui-d your desk into a zen oasis rather than a hotbed for your Monday blues. Ahead, we've brainstormed a few simple upgrades (most are available on an assistant's budget) to maximize your space and gussy up your desk like a real boss.

As any person with more paper than he/she knows what to do with recognizes, the letter holders are the real MVPs in any cubicle. When your desk's cramped for space try a letter holder with legs that looks like a professional "step into my office" magazine rack, plus the anything-but-manila folders to match.

Letter Holders

(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

1. Balance Rose Gold Letter Holder, $8; (opens in new tab). 2. Assorted Metallic Prints File Holders, $10 for a set; (opens in new tab). 3. Saddle Ring Magazine Rack, $138; (opens in new tab). 4. Gilded File Holder, $20; (opens in new tab).

A chic method of managing all of your stuff, from (clawfoot!) cups and ornate bowls to the "you really have no excuse now" full organizer set. It's the best way to make HR happy, too.

Multi-Purpose Organizers

(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

1. Codify Pencil Holder, $48; (opens in new tab). 2. Arc Bowl, $44; (opens in new tab). 3. SAIC 5 Piece Mountain Caddy Set, $16; (opens in new tab). 4. Casimira Pencil Cup, $18; (opens in new tab).

A rose gold tape dispenser so distinct that no one will dare to "misplace" it on their own desk. And two quirky staplers so that when they get jammed for the rest of eternity, they can still serve as pretty paperweights.

Tape Dispensers/Staplers

(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

1. Vanilla Bean Stapler, $15; (opens in new tab). 2. Tom Dixon Cube Tape Dispenser, $88; (opens in new tab). 3. Mint Stapler, $14; (opens in new tab).

The greatest way to maintain the illusion of having your sh*t together at work is attractive stationary and functional pens on hand.

Pens and Papers

(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

1.Assorted Citrus Gel Luxe Pens, $8 for a set; (opens in new tab). 2. Finest Hour Planner, $34; (opens in new tab). 3. Gradient Checklist, $6; (opens in new tab). 4. Pattern Gel Roller Pen, $7 each; (opens in new tab).

Do you *really* need silhouetted binder clips or a print of Frida Kahlo to get you through your daily life? Probably not, but we consider anything that makes the work hustle a little more bearable a solid investment. 👍 👍 👍

Just Because Office Supplies

(Image credit: Design by Dana Tepper)

1. Striped Marble and Wood Book End, $49; (opens in new tab). 2. Art Print Mini, $20; (opens in new tab). 3. Art Print Mini, $18; (opens in new tab). 4. Hay Gold Outline Clips Set, $12; (opens in new tab).

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