Charles Melton Compared 'Riverdale' to Julliard

Makes sense to us!

Charles Melton in Riverdale
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It's an unusual trajectory: to go from teen heartthrob on a bonkers YA show to a supporting actor Oscar frontrunner within the span of a year. But it seems as though Riverdale star Charles Melton is handling it well and with the sort of perspective not often seen from young stars on the rise. In fact, he credits the hit CW series for giving him the sort of highbrow educational experience of which most actors only dream.

In a new interview with i-D, the actor displays levels of humility and respect for his actorly origin story—the set of Riverdale—not often seen from stars on the rise, comparing the campy comic book series about Archie, Jughead, and company, to the prestigous acting school in New York.

"Riverdale truly was my Juilliard," he explained in the interview. "I was learning and growing and playing and taking risks. I was allowed to do that. We just had our final season, so you know, it’s…It’s bittersweet. But I’m so happy it brought joy to so many people.”

Though his candor about the series' ending continued—"obviously it frees up more time for projects like May December"—it's his obvious love and respect for what the series gave him that is sort of lovely to see.

Most young actors would be quick to downplay what working on such a silly, fun show for teens meant to them, but not Melton. "I learned so much being there. I formed relationships that I will have until the end of my days. It really helped me refine this work ethic."

Considering Melton was a recast from the original Reggie Mantle who appeared on season one of Riverdale (played by Ross Butler), it must feel really special for him to have already come this far in his career. And we just think that's nice!

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