Selena Gomez Went Boxing for Her First Post-Kidney Transplant Workout


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Selena Gomez is getting back to business as usual after her kidney transplant this summer. This past week, the singer had her first workout after her surgery. Most of us would probably go with something light, like yoga or a short stint on the stationary bike, but Selena is not most of us. She took a boxing class.

NBD, right?

Selena was snapped leaving Rumble in New York City Thursday, People reports. She wore a long black coat, black leggings, and a black crop-top.

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(Image credit: Archives)

And how did she do? She "killed it," according to Rumble co-founder and and co-owner Noah D. Neiman.

"She just came in and went hard. We were all, ‘Okay, that’s what I’m talking about!’" he told People. “She said, ‘No guys, I’ll bring my A game next time’ and I was like, ‘What?! Look at you, you just had surgery.' She legit has a whole new kidney! But she was great."

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