Chrissy Teigen's Dream of Becoming a Victoria's Secret Model Just Came True

"Can someone photoshop me into this?"

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(Image credit: Twitter/Victoria's Secret)

Chrissy Teigen's contributions to social media continue to be golden, especially since she trolled the internet about becoming a Victoria's Secret model this weekend. On Saturday night, Teigen tweeted, "Check my instagram story !!! I am live from shanghai baby WOOOOOOOOOO," and before that she revealed that she was, "Crazy nervous to close the Victoria's Secret fashion show tonight!!! Better get one last gym sesh in LOL!!!!" Needless to say, fans were here for her (imaginary) Victoria's Secret Fashion Show adventure, and they were ready to help make it happen.

After bemoaning the fact that "no one is answering my phone calls or emails but I am here in shanghai and ready for my fitting !!!!!!" Teigen decided to take matters into her own hands, asking her beloved fans to photoshop her into a photo of the Victoria's Secret models. Several people were more than happy to make her dream come true, and the results ranged from convincing, to hilarious, to seriously bad.

First up, one fan put Teigen front and center on the tour bus, making her look every bit the Victoria's Secret Angel:

The next one hid Teigen at the back, making it look like she was just casually hanging out with the Angels, no big deal whatsoever:

And then, of course, there was the one that went too far:

Teigen might not be at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai, but thanks to her fans and the internet, she feels as though she's walking the runway alongside all of the other Angels. How magical.

Amy Mackelden

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