Kim Kardashian Wears Nothing but Body Glitter in a Completely Nude Photo

She's back at it.

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(Image credit: Instagram)

Kim Kardashian is known for posting naked photos of herself to Instagram—but with moments of body positivity comes body shaming, so it's been a hot second since Kim sent the internet collective nudes.

But it looks like she's back at it, because the entrepreneur/reality star just got undressed, put on a layer of body glitter, snapped a pic to promote KKW Beauty, and posted it to social.

There's really no other response to be had here other than YESSSS KIM! Whether or not you're a fan of the Kardashians, Kim deserves applause for being a constant proponent of body positivity, and for giving approximately zero f*cks about the criticism she gets (sometimes, from major celebrities!) for being one. In the words (er, hands?) of Nicole Kidman at the Oscars:

Mehera Bonner
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