Beyoncé and Jay-Z Spotted in an Elevator Together for the First Time Since That *Infamous* Incident

To pose or not to pose? (They posed.)

Beyoncé and Jay-Z gift the world every day with their presence, but on Monday night they did something even more special and posed together to remind the world that they've come a long way since *that* infamous moment exactly three years ago, when Jay-Z was caught on tape having a fight in an elevator with Bey's sister, Solange.

After celebrating his 48th birthday in NYC at the Angelika Film Center & Cafe, Jay-Z reportedly told photographers, "Hurry up, come get it,” as they posed in an elevator before leaving. We see you, Jay. All we have to say is: iconic.

If you're unaware of the fight, it's pretty much the argument that launched a thousand albums (okay kidding, two)—Beyoncé's Lemonade and Jay-Z's 4:44—where the couple both delve into the pain they had following Jay-Z's cheating scandal.

Jay-Z recently opened up in an interview with T Magazine about his cheating scandal and the pain he caused Beyoncé, which you can read more about below. Though now it seems they're aiming to put the past behind them. Long live Bey and Jay. 🙌

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