Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Spotted Swaying and Kissing at Jingle Ball London

Welp, this is pretty adorable.

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Taylor Swift just performed at the London Jingle Ball (so many Jingle Balls, so little time, tbh) and who was in the crowd? None other than Joe Alwyn, who played the part of Instagram Boyfriend and was spotted filming her entire set.

But Alwyn was also seen hanging out with Taylor herself—in front of fans, no less—which basically caused Twitter to have a complete meltdown.

The above photo appears to have been taken from a fan's Twitter account, who can speak for all of us when she says:

This fan also posted what she says is a video of Taylor and Joe swaying and kissing, which you can watch below with the caveat that everything is very blurry:

Another fan posted this video of the pair swaying together during Ed Sheeran's "Perfect":

And the rest of Jingle Ball twitter was also living for the moment:

As you were, but also THIS IS SO CUTE.


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(Image credit: Getty Images)
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