Starz Aired a Sneak Peek at 'Outlander' Season 4 Tonight and WOW

Book readers will get the significance.

Tonight, Starz treated Outlander fans to a sneak peek at the show's highly-anticipated fourth season. The new clip, a scene from the upcoming season's premiere episode, played at the end of Sunday's all-day Outlander Season 3 marathon—as if we needed another reason to tune in.

The scene is not currently available to view online (Starz was serious about it being a reward for watching the marathon, apparently), but will be available to watch on the network's app and video on demand starting Monday. That didn't stop some dedicated fans from grabbing screenshots of the scene to post Twitter (you know, as you do).

Check out the screenshots if you absolutely need some new Outlander visuals to get you through the night:

As for the scene itself, we'll discuss it here—but fair warning that spoilers are ahead if you haven't read Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon’s series.

The scene finds Jamie and Claire in their wagon, being stopped by a grumpy group of Redcoats. The soldiers demand to know what Jamie and Claire are up to and inspect the carriage—where they find a body wrapped up. Jamie explains that it's one of his dead countrymen, but the soldiers aren't entirely convinced. They poke the corpse with a bayonet to check and see if it's really dead. Luckily, it passes the test and Jamie and Claire are allowed to keep going.

But here's where things get really interesting: The "corpse" in the wagon was actually Stephen Bonnet, an Irish criminal who was supposed to be hanged, but escaped—you know, alive. Jamie agrees to help him escape the Crown and, as book readers know, Stephen plays a big role in the Fraser family's story.

Outlander Season 4 is currently shooting on location in Scotland and will air later this year.

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