Fans Noticed That Kylie Jenner's Lips Look Suspiciously Small in Those Calvin Klein Ads

Apparently, that means she's definitely pregnant.

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(Image credit: @kyliejenner/@kingkyliejenner)

It was the underwear ad heard—seen—‘round the world: The Kardashian/Jenner clan was photographed together in a Calvin Klein ad yesterday for the first time in what feels like a gestational nine months, with notoriously elusive Kylie Jenner finally showing her face.

Fans were quick to point out, though, that not only is Kylie the only sister covering her stomach throughout the photo series, but her trademark lips (you know, the ones that have been continually injected with filler for the last few years), were noticeably smaller, all of which apparently point to the same thing: Kylie Jenner is, in fact, pregnant.

And listen, we’re fully aware that what’s in someone’s uterus or lips is nobody’s business but their own, and if Kylie wants to take a social media sabbatical for the privacy she deserves, then hey, you do you.

But there’s no hiding the fact that Kylie’s absence from the spotlight has turned the interwebs into an even bigger rumor mill, with fans churning out hypotheses as to where she is and why she left:

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Of course, we have no idea when these photos were taken (after all, pregnant Khloé Kardashian looks noticeably un-pregnant in this ad), so maybe the whole Kylie theory is just the result of some lighting tricks, or weird Photoshop, or, um, maybe her belly was just really cold?

Only time will tell—and really soon, because by our calculations, that rumored baby is almost fully cooked. Keep reading to see Kylie’s supposedly “new” lips vs. her old lips, and decide for yourself.