Kristen Stewart Gets Honest About Her First Love, Bad Days, and Life After Bella Swan

A few truth bombs courtesy of K.Stew.

Kristen Stewart
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In an interview to promote her new sci-fi film Equals (a story about a futuristic society forced to suppress emotions for fear of death—dramatic, right?), Kristen Stewart speaks candidly on a few topics that pretty much prove she's just like the rest of us. 

Yes, she still has lingering feelings for her first love. (We've all been there.) Yes, she has bad days. (Who doesn't?) And yes, three years after the Twilight saga ended, she's still got mad love for Bella Swan. (SAME.) In short, a celebrity has never been more relatable. 

Below, find these excerpts from Stewart's chat with The Hollywood Reporter (opens in new tab)plus a few more enlightening tidbits.

On how her first love (Robert Pattinson?) inspired her character, Nia, in Equals

On how she handles waking up on the wrong side of the bed—or when it's that time of the month:

On how playing Nia and Bella compare:

On the struggles of being a celebrity:

On the secret to a successful relationship:

Sooo can we be best friends now, K.Stew?

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