Kate Winslet Acts Out Her Worst Wardrobe Malfunction Ever, Deserves Another Oscar

The performance of a lifetime.

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Kate Winlset, the actress who has six Oscar nominations (and one very well-deserved win for 2009's The Reader) under her belt, seems ready to adorn her mantle with yet another Academy Award—at least judging from her latest performance; which in our opinion, just might be her best yet. 

Think we're talking about her portrayal of Joanna Hoffman in the this year's Steve Jobs film? Not quite. While Winslet surely gave it her all as the famed former Apple exec, we feel confident in saying the movie star has truly never been so captivating as she is in her most recent short (which also happens to double as a two minute and 18-second video for People.com). 

With unprecedented enthusiasm, the 40-year-old puts her comedic chops on display as she acts out her worst wardrobe malfunction ever. Spoiler alert: It all began with a faulty zipper. We'd love to tell you the rest, but really, no one tells the story better than the woman who experienced it all firsthand. 

Watch below and *try* not to laugh. [Ed. Note: It's pretty much impossible.]


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