Misty Copeland Opens Up About Body Image Struggles in New Documentary

The ballet phenom reveals why she "didn't want to stare at myself in the mirror."

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Misty Copeland has conquered much in her 33 years of life. From overcoming a troubled childhood to making history as the first ever African-American woman to be named principal dancer of the prestigious American Ballet Theater, you would almost never guess that the prima ballerina was once crippled by severe issues with body image. 

In her new documentary, A Ballerina's Tale, Copeland gets honest about her once-uneasy relationship with food. "I was overeating because I felt so bad about myself," she admits. The Under Armour model goes on to explain that her binge-eating served as the catalyst for two larger problems: a deflated self-esteem and a momentary career meltdown. 

"I didn't want to stare at myself in the mirror," she reveals. "I didn't even want to come to class in the morning." Below, a first look at her heartbreaking confession—and inspiring road to revival, via Shape.

A Ballerina's Tale is in theaters and VOD now. 

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