Zayn Malik Just Got a Harry Potter Tattoo Because MAGIC

Zayn Malik got a Harry Potter tattoo of Lord Voldemort.

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Today in magical news: Zayn Malik, the former 1D-er who went off in his own direction and is now dating Gigi Hadid, got a big ole Harry Potter tattoo. Of what? Well, considering Zayn is an obvious Slytherin, it makes total sense that he got some Dark Lord ink.

But he didn't choose Hot Voldemort:

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Which... if you're gonna go Voldy, why not go Hot Voldy?

He didn't choose back-of-Quirrel's-head Voldy:

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Which, honestly, wise.

He didn't even choose cackling Voldemort:

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He went with Avada Kedavra Voldemort:

fan spotted the new ink in a photo of Malik taken in Miami earlier this week.

You can see Voldemort's face up by his knee. And it looks exactly like that last scene of The Battle of Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows:


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Except instead of Harry Potter, it looks like He Who Must Not Be Named is battling The Flash.


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