Taylor Swift Wore the Sparkliest Outfit to Calvin Harris' Las Vegas Show

When in Vegas… 


Taylor Swift, queen of crop tops and dorky dance moves, got the chance to show off both this weekend in Las Vegas. The pop star wore her glitziest, Sin City-est, cut-out crop top and mini skirt set—as one does in Vegas—before dancing and singing the night away at Calvin Harris's show with Karlie Kloss, Serayah, Alana Haim and childhood friend Britany Lamanna (whose wedding she recently was maid of honor at) all by her side. 

While her Scottish boyfriend played his hits, Swift got in full club-girl mode. (I mean, hey, she dressed the part.) There were hands thrown in the air: 

There was beat-dropping and head-banging and so much WOOOOOO-ing: 

There was lip-synching to Rihanna's "We Found Love" with her new BFF of the night: 

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There were group selfies with the #squad: 

There were more hands thrown in the air: 

So many hands. 

And did we mention the sparkles? … And the cut-outs? 


Between her Vegas nightclub outing and her recent bikinis-and-sunshine beach vaca, Taylor Swift is really taking us back to our college days lately (except chicer and without the sunburn or hangover). She's definitely having the best Spring Break ever. 

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