Blake Lively Is Back on Instagram After Purging Her Account

But she still isn't following Ryan Reynolds.

Blake LIvely
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Earlier this week, Blake Lively shocked the world when she purged her entire Instagram account and unfollowed practically everyone—including her husband, Ryan Reynolds.

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Just over a day later, Lively is back with a single new post on her otherwise empty Instagram grid:

The lone post is a video—the trailer for Lively's upcoming film, A Simple Favor, costarring Anna Kendrick. The movie centers on the mystery of what happened to Emily, a captivating young woman played by Lively. Kendrick narrates the trailer, which is full of clips of Lively as the missing Emily.

Just before her purge, Lively had posted a series of pictures of a game of hangman. The answer to the puzzle was, of course, "What happened to Emily?"

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After she cleaned out her account, Lively followed just 28 people—all of whom are named Emily Nelson.

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Now, she follows 37 people—all of whom are named Emily Nelson. Since her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, has not (as of now, at least) changed his named to Emily Nelson on Instagram, that means Lively is still not following him. Sorry, Ryan.

Kendrick has also been promoting the film on Instagram, but she hasn't gone so far as to pull a full-scale publicity stunt like Lively's. Last week, she posted what appears to be a poster for the film. The tagline, "It all started with..." implies that Emily's mysterious disappearance is linked to a favor between the friends. Hmm...

Even more mysteriously, Kendrick has shared two photos, spaced out over five days, that show a scene from the film—one with Emily in in the shot:

And another where she's missing:

A Simple Favor hits theaters on September 14. Which feels like a REALLY LONG TIME FROM NOW.


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