Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What 'Netflix and Chill' Means

Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What 'Netflix and Chill' Means

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Netflix and chill. To the unknowing ear, the phrase sounds like the perfect night in: Binge watching your favorite shows and enjoying some much needed solo time.

At least, that's what it seems Justin Bieber had in mind when he wrote up and shared this Instagram post:

The singer, unlike the rest of the Internet-literate world, missed the note that Netflix and chill is actually, wait for it, an innuendo for sex.

His dedicated fans didn't seem to mind his mistake though. Many hopeful Instagram users commented things like "I'D NETFLIX AND CHILL WITH YOU!!!" and "Or you have to be @selenagomez." Others just seemed genuinely concerned about his super low battery. Get this man an iPhone charger!

In Bieber's defense, the above description of a night in with just you and Netflix sounds truly fantastic. Plus, any single person can appreciate his new dating standards and independence. Good for you, Justin!