Sarah Jessica Parker's New Show Will Be Nothing Like 'Sex and the City'

So says SJP herself.

This is not a drill: Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to HBO. But, don't start prepping for a Sex and the City spin-off or continuation because Parker says her new show, Divorce, is a far cry from SATC. In Divorce, SJP stars as Frances, a woman who realizes after two kids and more than 10 years of marriage that she needs to rethink her life. Parker is also serving as an executive producer on the show, which is very exciting news.

"Frances was her own person," Parker said (opens in new tab) at the Television Critics Association's press tour this weekend. "From the moment I read the pilot, she was so distinct from not only Carrie, but any character I've ever played. I don't think that we actually talked a lot about trying to make her different. This story is different. I was always interested in the story of marriage. That's how this all started. By virtue of just that interest alone, it was automatically different."

One way Divorce is similar to Sex and the City is that wardrobe will be very important on the show. But don't expect to see Parker wearing much she would have worn as the iconic Carrie Bradshaw. Fashion plays a much different role in Divorce.

"Pretty much everything Frances wears is used, whether it's from Etsy, vintage, or thrift shops along the northeast corridor," she said. "It's a very specific idea about somebody who has an aesthetic that will be revealed more over the course of the season, but fashion doesn't dictate."

Divorce premiers on HBO Sunday, October 9 at 10 p.m. EST.

Kayleigh Roberts
Weekend Editor

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