Taylor Swift and J.K. Rowling Posed for a Selfie and Ignited an Important Debate

Is Tay a Hufflepuff or a Slytherin?

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On Monday morning, Taylor Swift got the internet all abuzz when she posted a pic on her Instagram of two Polaroid photos—the first one is of Taylor and Adele, and the second is of Taylor and Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. And it’s almost too much power for one photo.

Seriously, the amount of money in that pic is higher than the GDP of many Eastern European nations. Apparently Taylor’s fellow megastars attended her show at Wembley Stadium in London Sunday night, where she also did a surprise duet with Robbie Williams.

The photo, below, reignited an important debate: Which Gryffindor House would Taylor Swift be sorted into? Her recent use of snake imagery when promoting Reputation would seem like an obvious indicator that she’s a Slytherin. And she is pretty cunning: Think about how bad she looked after Kim Kardashian released the “Famous” tapes, and for Taylor to go and turn that into a marketing opportunity is some high-level Slytherin maneuvering.

Anyway, the internet is extremely about it.

Then again, turning a snafu into good PR because you're worried the internet might be mad at you? That’s Hufflepuff as hell. Naturally, Twitter weighed in:

All interesting points, but they miss the fact that Taylor is extremely Hufflepuff. Sorry.

Cady Drell

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