The Royal Family Is Reportedly "Frustrated" With Meghan Markle's Dad

Meghan apparently isn't speaking to him.

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Everyone has to deal with embarrassing family members every now and then, but the embarrassment is obviously amplified when you're a royal. The royal family is reportedly not pleased with Thomas Markle's recent round of interviews (opens in new tab).

Meghan Markle's father (opens in new tab) has been on a bit of a press blitz lately, first with a 30-minute tell-all with Good Morning Britain (opens in new tab) and then with some disparaging comments about Queen Elizabeth II to TMZ (opens in new tab). So yeah, it's been a whole thing and understandably, the Windsor family is less than thrilled about it, to say the least.

Meghan reportedly hasn't spoken with her father since the day after her wedding to Prince Harry (opens in new tab), according to a palace insider who spoke to Us Weekly (opens in new tab).

"Meghan hasn’t spoken to Thomas since the day after her wedding," the source said, adding that the entire royal family is "frustrated" that Thomas keeps speaking to the press.

Another source told Us Weekly that Thomas' constant interviews are threatening his relationship (opens in new tab) with his daughter and son-in-law.

"Thomas is walking a fine line," said the source. "This blabbing needs to stop if he wants to maintain any relationship with Harry and Meghan."

In defense, an anonymous source on Thomas' side told the publication that it's all basically a big misunderstanding and he doesn't want any attention and just wants the royal family to stand by him.

"Thomas adores his daughter and swears he never wanted attention from the interviews," the Thomas Markle source said. "All he’s ever cared about is protecting Meghan. He wants the royals to stand by his side, but of course so far they haven’t."

Of course, given Thomas' history of staging photos for paparazzi (opens in new tab), it's understandable if the royal family are skeptical of his intentions.

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