Ashley Benson Says a Hacker Commented On Cara Delevingne's Instagram, Not Her, No Way


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In the ultimate mystery of our generation: Earlier this week, we received word that maybe we had real confirmation of Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson's relationship in the form of an Instagram comment, the love letter of the millennial.

On September 10, a comment appeared on an image from Delevingne's Instagram, one word that shook an entire generation: "Mine." The comment in question appeared to come from Ashley Benson's Instagram. The comment was followed up by a... uh, suggestive comment making creative use of the sushi emoji: "I can see your 🍣🍣🍣." After literal months of rumors and photos of the two of them kissing, the public had final confirmation of the pair's relationship.

Or so we thought.

Less that 24 hours later, the Instagram comment was gone, and Benson had taken to her Instagram stories to declare that this presumed proclamation of love was actually the work of a hacker. "When you just get off a flight with no WiFi and find out your Instagram got hacked..." She wrote, adding a middle finger and a heart emoji. According to Elle, the comments have been deleted, disappeared into the ether, along with any hope I had for true love. Is that too dramatic?

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The duo, whatever they are, they're entitled to their privacy–was most recently spotted at the Toronto International Film Festival at a party I can only hope was called "Blondes and Agyness Deyn Only."

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