Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams React to Meghan's New Charity Cookbook

The book "celebrates the power of cooking to bring communities together."

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This morning, Kensington Palace revealed that Meghan Markle created a charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook, composed of over 50 recipes by women affected by the Grenfell Tower fires as her first solo project as the Duchess of Sussex. The cookbook "celebrates the power of cooking to bring communities together," according to Kensington Palace.

The Duchess has continuously visited the Hubb Community Kitchen since January and was "inspired by how the project empowers women at a grassroots level." The internet was thrilled to hear that Meghan chose to empower women while bringing cultures together, but two people in particular were especially proud of her: her BFFs Priyanka Chopra and Serena Williams.

Both celebrities posted on their social media accounts to congratulate Meghan, while also giving royal fans a glimpse into her personality and character even before she became a royal.

Serena tweeted, "I used to call you Meghan (and I still do) but dear Duchess of Sussex your first project 'Together' a cookbook bringing women of all cultures together. I could not be more excited about it and proud of you. It’s beautiful - diversity, inclusivity, coming together in grief or joy."

Meanwhile, Priyanka posted on Instagram, "So proud of you for this new endeavour Meghan. This is everything you always stood for. Women supporting women. Supporting communities. Bringing Togetherness. Here you do it again.. Keep making the world smile babe! ❤️💋🎉🙏🏽"

Meghan's BFF and stylist, Jessica Mulroney, also congratulated her on the achievement.

"Women supporting women. Life is a all about sharing, laughing and #cookingtogether. This is more than a cookbook, these are beautiful stories and the 'healing power of sharing food.' Link to purchase the book and support this meaningful cause in bio. Very proud of you today."

Priyanka, Serena, and Jessica attended Meghan's wedding to Harry in May, and clearly they've still remained super close while Meghan adjusts to royal life.

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