Princess Eugenie's Wedding Tiara Looks Nothing Like Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's

It's emerald and completely gorgeous.

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The second royal wedding of the year is finally here, and Princess Eugenie—surprise—quite literally looks like a princess. The Duchess of York chose not to follow in her mother's footsteps and wore the Greville Emerald tiara. Eugenie's tiara, straight from the Queen's vault, is made out of gorgeous diamonds and originally created in 1921. Her mother, Sarah Ferguson, wore the York tiara designed in leaf motifs covered by a flower crown before she took it off and simply wore the tiara.

As's exclusive royal wedding expert and bridal designer Caroline Castigliano predicted, the Queen followed tradition and gifted Eugenie a tiara from her collection as she did with her new granddaughter Kate Middleton in 2011 and Meghan Markle earlier this year. Eugenie, however, is actually blood-related to the Queen, so this piece holds an even special meaning.

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For comparison, here's what Kate's tiara looked like:

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And here's what Meghan's tiara looked like:

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Meghan wore Queen Mary's Sapphire Bandeau—straight from the Queen's vault—and Kate wore the Cartier Halo tiara that holds nearly 1,000 diamonds. Eugenie's tiara looked a lot different from her mother's when she married Prince Andrew in 1981.

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Surely it's a sweet moment for Sarah to see Eugenie in a tiara now that she's actually allowed to wear one. Even though she's been a princess for years, royal women must follow a strict tiara protocol that prevents them from wearing the diamond accessory until they're married.

If I was Princess Eugenie, I'd never take it off.

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