A Twilight Superfan Spent $17K on Bella's Engagement Ring

"I decided as long as I'm going to hell, I might as well do it thoroughly."

high-stakes auction of props from the Twilight movie franchise took place last weekend, and fans of the films laid down $$$ for mementos. To be clear, I don't blame them either because I'd happy throw next month's rent money at one of the many T-shirts Jacob Black ripped off in those "getting mad, becoming a wolf" scenes.

Ugh I could just watch this scene all day. But OK, the auction. InStyle reports on some of the big-ticket sales — the American Eagle catalog-worthy outfit Bella wore during the iconic meadow scene in which Edward first reveals that he ~sPArkLeS~ went for $8,400, her and Edward's chess set for $13,200, and Edward's journal — literally just a journal like you could by at Papyrus, it's not even clear if there's any writing in it — for $7,800. Madness!

The biggest sale though, was Bella's engagement ring, which sold for $16,800.

No details on the ring's buyer are available, but we can only hope the proposal, wedding, and bed-breaking honeymoon are as magical for them and their mopeface partner as it was for B&E. (Sure, it's much more likely that the ring was bought by a merch collector, but let's believe in love.) Oh, and the rainbow graduation cap artwork that featured in the Cullen family's home also sold — for $10,200!

Sure, it's a discussion topic, but by discussion I mean a convo that goes along the lines of "wait, that looks just like that art thing from Twilight," "yes, actually it is the art thing from Twilight and I paid $10,000 for it," *awkward silence* "oh is that the time? Sorry I have to go.... donate blood? Bye."

P.S. InStyle also notes that one of the Volturi's wooden thrones also sold, for an undisclosed amount. That's potentially even creepier than the cap collage.

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