Emily Ratajkowski Is Launching Her Own Lingerie Line Called M / RATA with Blush Lingerie

Emily Ratajkowski is launching a lingerie line with Blush Lingerie. The actress/model's line will be called M / RATA, a play on her Instagram handle, @emrata.

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The most surprising thing about Emily Ratajkowski launching a lingerie line is the fact that it's 2018 and Emily Ratajkowski is just now launching a lingerie line. But that particular great imbalance in the universe is about to be fixed. Starting November 22, 2018, just in time for the holiday season, we will finally be able to dress our bodies in bras and underwear designed by EmRata herself.

The line, appropriately called M / RATA (in a fun nod/send up to Emily's nickname/Instagram handle @emrata), is a collaboration with Blush Lingerie, which is committed to ethical manufacturing and inclusivity.

The official website for M / RATA isn't taking preorders yet. It's not even whetting our palettes with pictures from the line. It's just a form inviting fans to sign up for updates about the launch pasted over a picture of Emily hanging out in a gas station convenience store in a red bra and panty set while seductively eating a churro. To the ad team's credit, who doesn't want to look sexy and eat churros? It's pretty much the dream.

Emily shared another picture from the red undies/churro shoot on her own Instagram this week to announce the line to her fans. "I made some more stuff for you. Link in bio. Launching 11.22.18. @mrata," she captioned the shot. 

She followed the pic up with a rearview shot, which offers quite the rear view, indeed.

Bella Hadid is clearly already a fan of the line. "Wow yes," she wrote in the comments of the pic. "Does the booty come w the suit????"

Ditto, Bella.


Emily Ratakowski

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Emily Ratajkowski on being photoshopped

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