Lindsay Lohan and Jonathan Bennett Just Delivered Some Great 'Mean Girls' Reunion News

Cady and Aaron back together? Grool.

It is now a grand total of 15 years since Mean Girls first hit cinemas (congrats, you’re old!), and we’re still clinging on to any small sign that a real sequel could be one day be on the cards. Let’s not talk about the Mean Girls 2 that was made in 2011, it’s usually best to pretend that that movie never happened.

Concentrating on the fact that the original cast don’t entirely hate each other is a good place to start to keep the faith, so the latest hangout between Lindsay Lohan and another OG star is sure to fill any Mean Girls-loving heart with joy. LiLo reunited with the one and only Aaron Samuels this week, better known as Jonathan Bennett, and the photo of the ex-North Shore High couple is the true meaning of grool.

Clearly he took Regina’s advice to heart because, like most guys who went to high school in the '00s, his hair is now permanently pushed back.

Giving the people what they want, the caption to Lindsay's selfie read: "Quick, someone check the calendar. October 3rd came early this year!!!"

Best of all, Lohan and Bennett’s reunion isn’t just your standard ‘quick selfie to pull in the likes’, either. Jonathan will reportedly host the after show of Lindsays’s new MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, in a full, 30 minute review of the premiere airing later this week on January 8. According to Vulture, he’ll quiz his 2004 Spring Fling Queen on her new series, what we can expect from the show and, fingers crossed, indulge in some Mean Girls nostalgia. Hopefully Lohan doesn't word vomit... no, actual vomit... on him this time around.

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