Tayshia Adams' 'Bachelorette' Cast: Every Detail We Know

This season is insane.

tayshia adams bachelorette cast

If you're here, you'll know that the 2020 season of The Bachelorette, much like everything else in 2020, did not go to plan. Clare Crawley, the original Bachelorette, left her own season to be with one of her contestants, the extremely handsome Dale Moss. That's when Tayshia Adams, a fan favorite from previous seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, stepped in to take over from Crawley. When she left, Crawley was down to 16 men—you can see her full cast list here—and producers added four more men for Adams specifically. This list is the 20 men that are competing for Adams' heart, down from the original 42 that producers cast for this season, and the 31 that ultimately appeared on Crawley's season. Whew. Are you ready?

ben smith bachelorette
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Ben Smith

Smith, from Indianapolis, IN, is a fitness coach at Deuce Gym. He's actually one of the bachelors who was brought on later to Crawley's season, part of recasting that was done for Crawley once the coronavirus pandemic hit. His Instagram is here. You can learn even more about him here.

bennett bachelorette
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Bennett Jordan

Jordan is 37, from Atlanta, GA, and was one of the coronavirus recasting members. He is, apparently, another one to watch for Adams' season—more info at that link, but fans have some theories. His Instagram is here.

blake moynes bachelorette
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Blake Moynes

Moynes is 29 and from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He was part of the original cast (i.e., his name was announced in February) who made it through recasting. He does have Instagram.

brendan morais bachelorette
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Brendan Morais

Morais, 30, is from Milford, MA, and is an artist, as per his Instagram. He was part of the recasting and, you guessed it, is another one to watch on Adams' journey. You can learn even more about him here.

chasen nick bachelorette
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Chasen Nick

Nick is from Walnut Creek, CA, and is apparently a tech consultant. He was a part of the recasting for Crawley. His Instagram is here.

demar jackson, bachelorette
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Demar Jackson

Jackson is 26 and from Scottsdale, AZ (hometown listed as San Diego, CA). He graduated from Arizona State University and is—get this—a spin instructor. I love it!! He was part of the original cast who made it through recasting. His Instagram is here.

uzoma nwachukwu bachelorette
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"Eazy" Uzoma Nwachukwu

Nwachukwu, 29, from Dallas, TX, played football for Texas A&M and the NFL. Nwachukwu was part of the recasting process for Crawley. He has Instagram!

ed waisbrot, bachelorette
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Ed Waisbrot

One of the few original bachelors who came close to Crawley in age, Waisbrot is 36 and from Miami, FL (hometown listed as Pittsburgh, PA). He's an account executive at CVS Health and went to the University of Pittsburgh. His Instagram is public.

ivan hall bachelorette
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Ivan Hall

Hall is from Dallas, TX, and is 28. He's an engineer, per his Instagram. He was a part of the COVID-19 recasting for Crawley. Keep an eye out for this one. You can read more about him here.

jason foster bachelorette
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Jason Foster

Foster, 31, from Rutland, VT, is a URI alum and former NFL football player. His Instagram is active, and he seems to have a genuinely quite funny sense of humor. He was part of the recasting.

jay smith bachelorette
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Jay Smith

Smith is 29 and from Oakland Park, FL (hometown listed as Pennsylvania). His Instagram is here. He was an original cast member who made it past recasting.

joe park bachelorette
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Joe Park

Park, 36, from North Woodmere, NY, is apparently an anesthesiologist voted Top 20 Most Eligible Doctors in NY (per Reality Steve). He was a part of the recasting. His Instagram is here!

kenny braasch bachelorette
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Kenny Braasch

Braasch, 39, from Oaklawn, IL, now lives in Chicago as a talent buyer, model, and co-owner of The Right Stuff Entertainment, per his Instagram. He was a part of the recasting.

montel hill bachelorette
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Montel Hill

Hill, 30, from Hingham, MA, is a fitness trainer in the Boston area, per his Instagram. He was a part of the recasting but never made it on Crawley's season—meaning he was brought on specifically for Adams.

noah erb bachelorette
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Noah Erb

Look at that 'stache! Erb is from Long Beach, CA (home now listed as Tulsa, OK), and is 25. He has a twin, and is a traveling nurse. His Instagram is here. He was a member of the original cast who made it past recasting but wasn't a part of Crawley's original cast—meaning he was brought on when Adams came.

peter giannikopoulos bachelorette
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Peter Giannikopoulos

Giannikopoulos, 32, from Everett, MA, is a real estate agent per his Instagram. He was part of the recast, but didn't make it on Crawley's season—he was an alternate brought on for Adams.

riley bachelorette
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Riley Christian

Christian, 30, is from Detroit, MI, lives in New York, and is a lawyer. He was a part of the recasting. His Insta is here.

spencer robertson bachelorette
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Spencer Robertson

Robertson, 30, is from La Jolla, CA. He lives in San Diego, per his Instagram. He was a part of the recast but didn't make it on Crawley's season—so he was brought on for Adams specifically. He might be important, if spoilers are any indication!

tyler cottrill bachelorette
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Tyler Cottrill

Cottrill's from Morgantown, West Virginia, and is 27. He's an attorney—at Mark Everett, Attorney at Law. He went to West Virginia University for undergrad and law school. His Instagram is here. He was a member of the original cast who survived recasting.

zac clark bachelorette
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Zac Clark

Clark, 36, from Haddonfield, NJ, has a cool story per Reality Steve: He's divorced and a recovering addict who runs a sober living house. His Instagram is public, and he was a part of the recast. He is also be important to Tayshia's season, so be on the lookout. You can learn more about him here.

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