Matt LeBlanc Reveals the Props He Stole from the 'Friends' Set

In a new interview on The Tonight Show, Matt LeBlanc revealed that he stole the Magna doodle from Chandler and Joey's apartment and gave it to the member of the crew responsible for adding its doodles.

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When the end of an era comes to the close in your life, it's natural to want something to remember it by. When that "era" is a hit TV show you starred in for the better part of a decade, that means embracing your inner kleptomaniac and stealing something or some things) from the set.

During a new interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Matt LeBlanc revealed the items he "stole" from the set of Friends—and one of them is beyond sweet.

First, let's start with the less adorable one: A foosball. While LeBlanc couldn't make off with Joey and Chandler's entire foosball table, the actor did say he took a foosball from the table home with him as a memento.

"I took a sh*t ton of cash," LeBlanc joked at first, referencing the cast's famously large paychecks and what's sure to be even more in residuals over the years.

Then, the actor got serious about his Friends keepsakes:

"You know what I have that is really cool? In Joey and Chandler's apartment we had the foosball table. I have the actual ball from the table, the foosball. I have it in my toolbox somewhere."

The really sweet moment came, however, when LeBlanc revealed another prop that he swiped, but not for himself. The actor revealed that he took Joey and Chandler's iconic Magna Doodle and gifted it to Paul Swain, an electrician on the crew who was the person behind the fun doodles that appeared on the board.

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"I stole it and gave it to him, so he's got it. So, that's kind of cool," LeBlanc said. "I could have sold it for a lot more."

Watch the full interview below:

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