This Is How Ariana Grande Fixed Her "Small Barbecue" Hand Tattoo

Poor Ariana Grande proudly tweeted out her painful hand tattoo that was designed to read "7 Rings" in Japanese, but quickly discovered thanks to Twittter that it instead read "shichirin" (small Japanese grill). But Ariana explained that the issue has been resolved—with the addition of another Japanese character (kanji) and a heart to make a square.

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Oh thank goodness. Poor Ariana Grande proudly tweeted out her painful hand tattoo yesterday that was designed to read "7 Rings" in Japanese, but quickly discovered thanks to Twittter that it instead read "shichirin" (small Japanese grill). But there's great news to come out of it: the singer-songwriter put on her Instagram Stories that the issue has officially been resolved—with the addition of another character (kanji) and a heart to make a square. And Ariana had the best response to the whole thing.

In two stories that she's since deleted, Ariana laid out a plan with her "mentor"/"tutor," who helped give guidance on how to change the literal translation of "7 circle" (which also means "Japanese bbq grill,"). Adding a kanji to represent "7 finger circle" would make the meaning clearer—also, the way she'd originally done it wasn't wrong, per se, just that the new version would be better/wouldn't be confused with a cooking implement.

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Ariana posted the new plan and tagged her tattoo artist, Kane Navasard. "see u tonight" she wrote.

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Ariana THEN posted the finished product on her Stories. It was a little different than the original plan, which was to scrap the second kanji and instead have three vertical kanji. Instead, the three kanji and a heart made a square. It looks adorable, if honestly kinda painful to have all that work done on one of the most sensitive parts of the body (owwwwwww).

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Ariana thanked everybody, including her doctor for the lidocaine shots (again, a hand tattoo seems like it would be VERY painful, and also I'm a wuss). "rip tiny charcoal grill. miss u man. i actually really liked u," she wrote. Way to keep that sense of humor, Ariana.

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