These Celebrity Couples Will Have the Hottest Valentine's Day, According to their Zodiac Signs

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  • Love by Luna astrologer Kyle Thomas has some big predictions for the sexy Valentine's Day some of our favorite celebrities are going to have.
  • In particular, celeb couples Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas and Beyoncé and Jay-Z are going to have an INCREDIBLE time today.
  • Interested in all things zodiac/horoscope? We're here for you.

    Let's face it. I'm about to have insane Valentine's Day envy on my Instagram from all the lovey-dovey celebrity posts (and one incredibly sexy, NSFW one—thanks, Miley Cyrus!). Who will win celebrity Valentine's Day? Kyle Thomas, astrologer at Love by Luna, has some predictions, based on several famous couples' Zodiac signs.

    Let's start with Nick Jonas (Virgo) and Priyanka Chopra (Cancer), who just proved their love with, let's be honest, the wedding of the century. Thomas says,

    Nick, an intellectual Virgo, blends so superbly with the emotional and sensitive Cancer, Priyanka. While both signs do have a tendency to take it slowly and wait for the right moment to make a move, this works so beautifully in their favor. Both have been in the public eye for many years, and with so much fame and fortune at their fingertips, they are two of the signs most cautious when choosing a romantic partner.

    I love this. But what about their big day today?

    This Valentine’s season blesses them both quite well, though, because of one special astrological movement in particular. Venus, the planet of beauty, will be gliding through Nick’s sector of romance and adventure, while it will be twirling through Priyanka’s sector of marriage and partnerships simultaneously. This blessed union means that their love and commitment are deeply important to the couple and when they spend time taking a step back from the public eye to enjoy intimate and sensual lovemaking, they’ll grow even closer.

    That. Is. SEXY.

    Now let's move onto the power couple for the ages, with the most adorable family: Beyoncé Knowles (Virgo) and Jay-Z (Sagittarius). What's in store for this perfect match?

    Beyoncé, an earthy Virgo, is not usually considered compatible with the more impulsive and adventurous Sagittarius, which is the sign of Jay-Z. However, they have enacted a master strategy that operates on not only a broad political level, but also one that is inherently personal, as well. Whether the two had planned astrologically ahead or not (and my gut instinct says that they very much did) when they released their collaborative studio album Everything Is Love in 2018, the exact date that it debuted lit up Beyoncé’s career sector while simultaneously radiating Jay-Z’s sector of marriage.

    Okay, okay, I like it. What's happening today?

    This Valentine’s season promises to bring both of them sweetness, particularly if they use the right kind of inspiration from the cosmos above. Venus, planet of beauty and harmony, will be dancing along all of February in Beyoncé’s sector of romance, fun, and adventure. This will cause her to feel more indulgent than usual, particularly when it comes to her sensual pleasures and erotic energy. Jay-Z, however, has the mighty planet of Jupiter, which rules good fortune and luck, parading through his sign all month long, gifting him with the Midas touch in anything he wishes...[They] have such a magnetic and intoxicating vibration all of February to not only grow more deeply in love, but to step outside of the box and try dates that will feel unique and daring.
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