Kate Middleton Had an Adorably Awkward Reaction to Meeting Prince William for the First Time

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    • Kate Middleton apparently "went bright red and sort of scuttled off feeling very shy," which—same, Kate.

        Kate Middleton and Prince William are effortlessly suave in all their public outings and sweetly candid about their growing family. But it wasn't always this way, and TBH it makes me love Kate even more. Marcia Moody tells us that Kate has a sweet and adorable reaction to meeting her future husband for the first time in her book Kate: A Biography, and the details are hilarious.

        As reported in Express, Moody sets the stage for us: Oxford, the early 2000s, with Kate and William both attending. "The campus was small, and since Kate and William were on the same course and living in the same building, it wasn't long before they met for the first time. Later, Kate recalled, ‘I went bright red and sort of scuttled off feeling very shy.’”

        Ok but YES, that is exactly how I would have responded too.

        Kate apparently went on, "I knew there was something I wanted to explore there, but we ended up becoming friends for a while."

        Ms Moody also wrote about the pair's growing connection: "The pair kept bumping into one another and it was obvious they took a shine to each other from very early on. They joked and bantered, and bonded over things they had in common."

        A mutual friend Laura Warshauer confirms their sweet dynamic. “They had fun natural banter very early on. They would tease each other. It was a twinkle in the eye—the delivery of what was said,” she said.

        Considering that rom-coms have literally been made about the epic Prince William-Kate Middleton romance, it makes sense that the real story would live up to the hype. So swoonworthy! Cut to over a decade later:

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        Looks like it all worked out fine.

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