When Will 'The Bachelorette' Air in 2019? You Won't Wait Long

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The Bachelor season 23 is nearly over, and if rumors are to be believed, it's going to end in a crazy and spectacular fashion. Given that The Bachelorette typically airs pretty soon after The Bachelor wraps, it won't be long until we get the announcement of the new Bachelorette—likely at the After The Final Rose portion of Colton's season finale. The Bachelorette usually airs in May, and blogger Reality Steve says that filming may be starting as early as the middle of March.

Also, let's all acknowledge that is a mere two weeks away from the penultimate episode this past week, so WOW. The producers and stars are going to have a busy couple months.

The Bachelorette usually has a tighter turnaround time—roughly two months filming and editing compared to four months on The Bachelor—so filming would have to start ASAP in order to make that timeline. If you'll recall for context, Becca's season premiere was May 28, 2018, and her season wrapped on August 6.

Update: Chris Harrison announced on the show's season finale that Hannah B's season would air May 13.

For more perspective: Rachel's season aired May 22, Jojo's on May 2013, Kaitlyn's on May 18, Andi on May 19, Desiree on May 27—you get the gist. Basically, it's aired sometime in May since 2008 (DeAnna Pappas' season), when it was moved to May from its previous January slot. (The original Bachelor now occupies that slot.)

According to Heavy, the only reason that might possibly change is Dancing with the Stars, which is usually sandwiched between the two shows but this year is premiering in September. No word on how that'll impact the rest of the shows' scheduling, if at all.

There's also been word that at least one location for this season will be Newport, Rhode Island:

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Obviously, the other locations will depend on the Bachelorette—we went through and analyzed who the lucky lady could be, but an announcement is likely imminent. Reality Steve will probably have some details, and we'll update this page as we know more. The official ABC website will also be one to watch, as it'll have things like the exact time and sneak peeks.

Time to grab the popcorn, because The Bachelorette is coming!

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