Memes About Cassie Randolph on 'The Bachelor' Season Finale Are Lighting Up Twitter

"Cassie trying to figure out how she ended up back on The Bachelor after sending herself home..."

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The very final episode of Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor had it all: tears, awkward conversations, vague allusions to sex (Colton), explicit allusions to sex (Chris Harrison), and some slightly troubling facial expressions from Cassie, Colton's final Bachelor pick. Cast your mind back to the pre-Fence Jump Bachelor universe, and you'll recall that Cassie actually dumped Colton, after which Colton dumped all of his remaining women and chased after invite her to meet his family in Spain. Okay? I guess?

Let me be clear: I don't think Cassie did anything wrong! She seems confused about what she wants, otherwise known as being 23 years old. What does bother me is that Colton didn't take no for an answer, and headed after her with a camera crew in tow anyway, effectively cornering Cassie into admitting that, yes, she was still confused...and somehow, this led to their going to Spain together, where she repeated to Colton's family that, yes, she was confused. It was uncomfortable! But it wasn't really Cassie's fault. And as for Colton, he's so head-over-heels I'm not convinced he actually registers the red flags flying up a mile a minute here. The whole situation is...well, it was uncomfortable.

That said, the montage of Colton and Cassie in their post-Spain relationship was unexpectedly sweet. Cassie profusely thanked Colton for fighting for her, they said "I love you," a bunch and kissed even more, and they actually seem to have legitimately grown as a couple now the cameras are off (which, well, makes sense). But all the way until then—it was awkward. And Twitter certainly noticed.

Cassie's Body Language Says a Lot

Also, Her Words

The Memes, Oh, The Memes

I Mean, There Were Signs

She Wasn't Quite Sure What to Say

But, look, there's a happily ever after. I mean, if Jason and Molly can make it, not to mention my favorite and most unexpected Bachelor couple of all time, Evan and Carly, you better believe Cassie and Colton can.

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