Kate Middleton's Old Friend Reveals What the Duchess Is Like When She's Tipsy

Kate Middleton doesn't drink much, but a friend from her gap year reveals what's she's like when she does get tipsy. The Duchess of Cambridge is reportedly "silly and giggly" when she's had a couple of glasses.

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Kate Middleton is known for a lot of things, but losing even one percent of her composure in public is not one of them. The Duchess of Cambridge never seems to be any less than totally in control, even when royal engagements require her to drink—like when she spends St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, throwing back a pint of Guinness, for example.

Kate isn't just impervious to the effects of alcohol, of course. A friend from the royal's college days revealed what Kate is like when she gets a little tipsy. Speaking to royal expert and biographer Katie Nicholl for her book Kate: The Future Queen, one unnamed friend of Kate's explained what Kate's drinking habits were like during her gap year trip to Italy before she started college.

According to Nicholl, Kate wasn't a heavy drinker, even back in her late teens, and would "make a solitary glass of wine last all evening." Per Kate's friend:

Just some proof that, even as a teenager, hanging out with new friends in a foreign city, Kate had it together.

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