Chrissy Teigen Drinking While Exercising Is My Current Summer Mood

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    • According to her and her mom, they're getting "fit for fall," which sounds like a great plan and I am all in, Chrissy.

        We're getting more candid Chrissy Teigen moments while she gets to work promoting Bring the Funny (after she accidentally posted the entire episode on accident, lol). Candid Chrissy is my favorite, so I'm excited. Last night, Chrissy gave us a tour around her gym, which she admits she "never uses," and got to work on a complicated looking exercise machine while holding a drink in hand. Chrissy, never change.

        In the video on her Instagram Stories, Chrissy pans over to her mom busily walking on the treadmill (they accidentally bump into each other, lol), while Chrissy insists they're getting fit for fall instead of summer. Then Chrissy started balancing on a wooden...swing? I don't actually know what that machine is, sorry, but I'm sure someone will tell me, all while holding a peach-colored drink in a wine glass and singing to herself. Obviously, I don't actually know if that's an alcoholic drink—I would absolutely love it if it were—but the mere fact that she's trying to balance on one of her exercise machines while holding a drink is hilarious enough, in my opinion.

        Chrissy is back from summer vacation (which looked perfect, and showed Chrissy channeling her top model days with some sultry swimsuit shots). So, that means we might also be getting more "model Chrissy Teigen" action, and I am all in.

        Here are some stills from her Stories:

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        In this image, you can see her drink while she uses the other hand to snap the video (lol):

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