You Can Now Drink Central Perk Coffee to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of 'Friends'

Alas, it won't be served by Gunther.

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The 25th anniversary of the first episode of Friends is a mere two months away, which is also the amount of time separating me from the grave, because I'm apparently 1000 years old. Before you, too, sink into the inescapable abyss of an existential crisis triggered by the cruelly ceaseless passage of time, allow me to distract you: you can now buy Central Perk coffee!

As Bustle reports, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has collaborated with Warner Bros. on a range of coffee and tea to make at home: the Central Perk Medium Roast, the Central Perk Dark Roast, and the Central Perk Tea. Plus, there are six limited-edition drinks available in store—one per Friend. Joey's is the Mango Cold Brew Tea, Phoebe's is a Cookies and Cream Ice Blended, the Chandler is a Caramel Coconut Latte, Rachel gets a Matcha Latte, Monica's is a Midnight Mocha Cold Brew (I always knew I was a Monica), and Ross, with what has to be the gentlest hint of mockery, gets a plain old Classic Flat White. 

The range is available in store from July 31th to August 27th, according to Bustle—and during the week of August 4th, otherwise known as National Friendship Day, the themed drinks will be buy one, get one free. Cute! 

Wondering what to serve your Friends-themed coffee in? Why, your Friends-themed mug from Pottery Barn, of course! Then set it down on your apothecary table, acquired not from yore via a mysterious flea market, but, alas, also from Pottery Barn. The retailer announced a Friends 25th anniversary collection last week, set for launch on July 30th.

While most of the items are under embargo, said apothecary table is on sale for $1,099, as Vox reports; a pillow and a series of mugs will also be available to buy. Get comfy on that pillow, prop your feet on the apothecary table, gaze around your newly decorated apartment and ask yourself one question: "Has it always been purple?"

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