A Replica of Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Is Now Available for Less Than $35

Kate Middleton stepped out wearing a sapphire engagement ring from Prince William in 2010. Now, a replica of the ring can be yours for less than $35.

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Kate Middleton gave us all infinite jealousy when she stepped out engaged to a real-life prince, sporting a gorgeous sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. Not only that, but the beautiful significance behind it (the ring had belonged to Prince William's mother Princess Diana) made the whole moment utterly swoonworthy. Now, a replica of the ring can be yours for less than $35. Buys immediately.

Here's some context, according to HELLO!: "[H]igh street designers quickly began making replicas of her navy Issa engagement dress and bargain dupes of the ring. The most famous at the time was M&S’s 'Regal Ring'—the £19.50 'Proposal ring' became an instant best-seller and is still in stores today."

Apparently, there's now a new twist on the classic shape, looking a little more modern with an oval center stone and spiky pronged diamonds surrounding it. You can go here to see that version, which is also less than $35. Of course, that made me immediately search for the original thing, which—of course—M&S still has, but only in limited quantities. It might currently be sitting in my cart.

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Marks & Spencer

And if you're dying to buy one for yourself, it's still available from Marks and Spencer:

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(Image credit: Marks & Spencer)



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