Lizzo Celebrated Her Amazing Year in a Strip Club Where the Dancers Performed to 'Truth Hurts'

"I always wanted to go to the strip club and have my song play while I was throwing STACKS at these beautiful performers and baddies."

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Lizzo, in case you somehow haven't noticed, is having the best year of perhaps anyone in the world. Earlier this month, her single "Truth Hurts" hit the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100, plus her first movie Hustlers had an absolutely colossal opening weekend (and accrued some Oscar buzz, too). What's more, one of Lizzo's dreams came true at a strip club in Atlanta over the weekend: The dancers performed to "Truth Hurts," while Lizzo showered them in money.

"I COULD CRY," Lizzo wrote on Instagram, alongside a video of the moment in question that might just inspire you to turn "Truth Hurts" up to 100. "This is my literal DREAM!! I always wanted to go to the strip club and have my song play while I was throwing STACKS at these beautiful performers and baddies... like ask ANYONE on my team... I always thought I wasn’t cool enough but BITCH Atlanta and the beautiful women at Allure made my dream come TRUUUUUUU."

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Frankly, who has more to celebrate than Lizzo right now? The number one single might have sufficed, but then Hustlers raked in $33.2 million in the U.S. on its opening weekend, according to the Hollywood Reporter. And as someone who saw it last night and is already planning to go again, I can only recommend you book those tickets without delay (forgive me for this tiny, tiny spoiler, but I think you should know that Lizzo plays the flute in the movie and it is amazing).

A number one single, a roaring success of a movie, a Made in America performance watched by none other than Beyoncé, and a lifelong ambition come true, all in one spectacular month. Yeah, I think I might just be celebrating too.

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