Lizzo Said She'd Love to Collaborate With Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B


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Since she's the official Queen of Everything, it seems only fair that any collaboration Lizzo desires should come into existence. And the prospect of one such collaboration has me positively giddy: Speaking to Entertainment TonightLizzo said a Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B collaboration would be right up her street. Can you even imagine the sheer power of that song?! 

As you might be aware, both Lizzo and Cardi are in the upcoming movie Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu in the lead roles. So naturally, the movie come up in a post VMAs interview, after Lizzo's performance destroyed the entire internet. "It is a really cool movie to be a part of, like, 'Damn, I'm a part of that movie!'" she said.

"I'm just so happy to have the small part that I have and if [Jennifer] asked me to be on a song with her and Cardi B, ya know, I definitely wouldn't say no," Lizzo continued. "It would be lit. It would be fun, like, shake, shake, shake, shake it!" Hear that? This is a song that the universe needs

She also discussed the experience of working with J.Lo on Hustlers. "[Jennifer's] not even just a powerful woman in music, she's just a powerful woman, period," she said. "Everything she does, she goes full throttle, and she is a winner."

"That was kind of inspiring to see ... when she walked on set, I was just kind of learning from her. She's a professional, and that was the biggest thing. I was like, 'You're a professional, but you're warm and you also kind of allow the room to take over.' She allowed us to be sisters on set and she allowed us to banter and make jokes. I think she really wanted the connection to feel real," Lizzo continued.

Back to that VMAs performance: None other than Robyn Rihanna Fenty DMed her congratulations. "She DM'ed me to tell me that I performed good," Lizzo said. "She said I f**ked the stage like it was my side bitch. Don't get mad, Rihanna. I am not trying to blow up your spot, but that was a hard ass line! I might take that line." Seriously, how blessed are we to live in a world with both Lizzo and Rihanna?

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