Princess Diana's Brother, Charles Spencer, On the State of His Sister's Legacy in 2019

Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, attended the Diana Award ceremony in London Tuesday night to honor young people carrying on his late sister's legacy around the world.

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  • On Tuesday evening, incredible young people from around the world gathered in London for the Diana Award ceremony, which honors people who make a difference in their communities.
  • Princess Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, attended the ceremony to pay tribute to this year's recipients and speak to Diana's enduring legacy.
  • "To see Diana’s name continue like this is fantastic," he said during the event.

Princess Diana's impact on the world is still felt today, more than 20 years after her tragic and untimely death.

The late royal's family works to keep her legacy alive in many ways, including through the Diana Award, which honors young people around the world who have made positive impacts in their communities.

On Tuesday evening, Diana's brother, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, paid tribute to the honorees, who hailed from the U.K., Canada, the U.S., Nigeria, Tanzania and India who gathered in London for the occasion.

"It’s so inspiring for them, and also for me actually," Spencer told People of the ceremony. "They get inspiration from Diana and her example. And for me, to see Diana’s name continue like this is fantastic. It’s been over 20 years since she died. Most of the people who are getting awards tonight were not born and a couple are two or three years old—so it’s incredible that her message, if that’s not too pompous a word, continues."

Diana, Princess of Wales kisses her brother, Earl Charles Sp

Diana and her brother, Charles Spencer, in 1985.

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When discussing his sister's legacy with the honorees, Spencer says he prefers to talk about her as a "very human person" as opposed to a looming "figure from history."

"Yes, she was a member of the royal family, and yet she was so relatable," he said. "On the other hand, I do tell them how proud she would be that they were doing things in her name, and what they’re doing is crucially important. Diana always believed that young people had so much to give to the on world and they’re proving that right."

Here's hoping that exceptional young people keep proving the people's princess right for years to come.

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