Prince William Told Mary Berry What's on Prince George's Christmas List

"George has already written his list for Father Christmas," William said.


What does a future monarch ask Santa to bring him for Christmas? Well, for one, he wouldn't use a title quite so gauche as "Santa": It's "Father Christmas" for the Cambridges, do you hear? During BBC TV special A Berry Royal Christmas, in which Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Mary Berry planned a holiday party to celebrate staff and charity workers, William revealed what his oldest son, Prince George, was hoping to wake up to on Christmas Day. (He'll be waking up early—last Christmas, William and Kate said the royal kids were up and about by 5 a.m.)

"George has already written his list for Father Christmas," William said, as People reports (What did I say? No letters to "Santa" in this household). "He loves his drawing—he’s a very good drawer. We might get him something for drawing. Or football. He is loving his football as well." To clarify, that's soccer, for those across the Atlantic.

The Duke of Cambridge is a committed Aston Villa fan, but alas, George's soccer loyalties don't exactly align with his dad's. "I try not be biased. I said you can support anyone but Chelsea," William said. "So naturally, he supports Chelsea."

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A Berry Royal Christmas was largely all fun and festivities, but viewers did catch one awkward moment: William went for a gentle bit of PDA, and Kate promptly shut it down. Cameras caught William placing his hand on his wife's shoulder, only for Kate to swiftly shrug it off while continuing to smile and chat to guests at the party. Royals and their PDA rules, eh?

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