Blake Lively Shares Photos With Ryan Reynolds as They Visit the Museum of Ice Cream

At their visit to the Museum of Ice Cream, Blake Lively snapped some rare casual pics of her, husband Ryan Reynolds, and family friends as they toured the exhibits.

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Last night, Blake Lively snapped some casual (and rare) photos of her, husband Ryan Reynolds, and friends including long-time family friends Justin Johnson and Angie Niles. And you have to see the photos, partially because I love seeing the two out and about together (their relationship gives me life), partially because the Museum of Ice Cream looks like the most fun place to go in the entire world. Blake and Ryan, inspiring date/group date/friendship envy yet again! 

Captioning the photo series, "Now I get why everyone screams 🍦" Lively's first Insta post in two months(!) was filled with shots of the gorgeous pink interior and all the exhibits, including a giant ice cream scoop on the side of the wall, bananas hanging from the ceiling, an ice cream ball pit, plastic sweet treats, and an all-pink subway car, among other things. Oh, and, her outfit is totally perfect: a casual denim shift dress, tights, and lace-up boots, accessorized with giant (and thematic) pink and white hoop earrings. Perfect for chilling and rolling around in that ball pit. 

It's not totally clear whether their three kids joined (the couple probably wouldn't post pics of them, for privacy, and their littlest is probably a bit young yet for that kind of activity) but this also feels like an outing that they would have gone nuts over. The two also nabbed a photo with Manish Vora, founder and president of the Museum of Ice Cream.

Johnston also snapped pics of the event. "This guy [Reynolds] took me to the Museum of Ice Cream and it was the last time anyone had seen him ever again," he joked.

Here's Lively's post (you MUST swipe through):

And here's Johnston's:

I must go to that museum immediately, please and thank you.

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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

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