The Sweetest Detail About Charlotte and George at the Queen's Christmas Lunch

Mike Tindall shared Christmas lunch details from Buckingham Palace. Among the revelations is the fact that kids get their own separate kids' table for the event.

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  • As spotted by HELLO!Mike Tindall shared Christmas lunch details from Buckingham Palace.
  • Among the new revelations is the fact that the kids (including Princess Charlotte and Prince George) get their own separate kids' table for the event.
  • We got to see a glimpse of the kids (Louis' face is adorbs) as they arrived and departed.

When we got pictures from the car of Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis headed to and from Queen Elizabeth's annual Christmas lunch earlier this month, it sparked fans (read: my) yearly questions about the event. How many people are there? Are the kiddos running around or do they have to behave? What kind of food is served?? Well, I have great news: the husband of Zara Tindall (she's Princess Anne's daughter and Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter) has answers for us.

Mike Tindall, who seems hilarious BTW, shared details of the special day on JOE UK's House of Rugby podcast (which HELLO! reported). "I didn’t drink actually, this is the other one, the family lunch there must be about 70 of us there—there are seven tables and the kiddies have their own little one in a different room. I was on Prince Charles’ table. It was lovely, really good."

So even in the Royal Family, there's a kids' table! I love this. George always looks like he's about to burst into some mischief, so I'm sure a separate table helps with that.

Around the same time last year, Tindall also commented about the quality of the food (shocking no one, it's really yummy). "Yeah it is good. So Christmas Day is a little more quiet because it's actually a cold buffet because they give everyone the day off, and their big day is Christmas Eve." Apparently the family sits down together to watch the Queen's speech "with a little glass of something." I looove this detail. Can you imagine clustered around the TV watching your mom/granny/aunt deliver a speech to millions of people? Because I cannot.

The detail of a separate kids' table is also really nice in light of the fact that Charlotte and George made their walk to Sandringham debut this year and looked a bit tired (apparently they might have had an early start to the morning?):

So I love that the royal duties don't necessarily come all at once. 

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