The Jonas Brothers Just Recreated a Scene from 'Camp Rock' and Might Have Broken the Internet

"I'm Shane Gray, for crying out loud!"

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As someone whose teenage years were a heady blend of acute social anxiety, sweaty hands, and unfathomably awful haircuts, I've never fully understood the appeal of 'oos nostalgia—but even I can't deny the delight of a Jonas Brothers throwback. And the JoBros have really mastered the form: This time, they recreated a famous Camp Rock scene, featuring fictional band Connect 3 and their out of control lead singer, Shane Gray. 

If you've also spent the last decade systematically deleting every single one of your teenage memories, allow me to recap: 2008 Disney movie Camp Rock centers on shy singer Mitchie Torres, played by Demi Lovato, and spoiled superstar Shane Gray, played by Joe Jonas (plus his brothers and bandmates, Kevin Jonas' Jason and Nick Jonas' Nate.) Shane overhears Mitchie singing and encourages her talent, while Mitchie confronts Shane's bad behavior, and it ends (12-year-old spoiler alert) with a lovely romance and an excellent performance.

Now, for the 2020 recreation, posted on TikTok and Instagram: Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas acquired terrible wigs, and performed an early scene from the movie. Is this too late for Oscar eligibility?

The Jonas Brothers, you might be aware, have been all over the nostalgia game since their 2019 comeback. Take this post, shared to mark the end of a decade:

And they're no strangers to a well-chosen recreation, either. Let's all take a minute to revisit and enjoy this clip, posted right before the release of comeback single "Sucker" and perfectly calibrated to break the internet. Fine, I'll accept it: Not everything about my teen years was bad.

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