The Jonas Brothers' New Music Video Features the Glorious On-Screen Return of Sophie Turner

With blonde and black hair!

Sophie Turner
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  • At midnight this morning, the Jonas Brothers released a new video for their song "What a Man Gotta Do."
  • No surprise, the J-Sisters (their wives) feature prominently, including Sophie Turner, who's kept a low profile since getting married in 2019.
  • In case you need a refresher, here are all the pics from her amazing weddings (plural).

Sophie Turner, who I love, has been keeping a lower profile since getting married in May 2019 (with the big bash a couple months later). Sure, she attended a few premieres and has been photographed with husband Joe by paparazzi, but she's been quieter on social media, and I think she might have even deleted her Twitter account. But! Lo and behold, she's front and center for the JoBros's new music video for "What a Man Gotta Do" (much like in the music video for "Sucker" in 2019). And I have missed her so much and need her more in my life, please and thank you.

As a part of the video's recreation of iconic movies (Risky Business with Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra and Say Anything... with Kevin and Danielle Jonas are also in there), Joe and Turner re-enact scenes as Danny and Sandy from Grease. That includes Turner in a dual role—one as the goody two-shoes blonde, one as the raven-haired "bad girl" in leather. She's clearly having a blast, and seeing her relaxed, happy, and not stressed is making my heart happy. 

Stating the very obvious here, Turner's FOR SURE allowed to take some well-deserved time off after finishing up Game of Thrones and Dark Phoenix. She also has some post-GoT projects lined up, so we'll probably see more of her on the red carpet and our screens. But her bubbly, silly, fun energy is something that's just so fabulous about her and I have watched this music video five times already. Not sorry. 

The full video is here:

And Turner shared a still on her Insta:

Missed you, Sophie!

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